Second Annual Danyliw Research Seminar program

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Session VI, 9 am-Noon
Ethnicity, Religion and Social Change
ANNA FoURNIER (Johns Hopkins U, US, afourni2@jhu.edn)
¦ Ukraine's Orange Revolution: Beyond Soviet Citizenship?
> Discussant: OXANA SHEVEL (purdue U, US,
ADRIANA HELBIG (Columbia U, US, anh5@col
¦ Dialogics of Development: NGOs, European Integration, and the Roma in Ukraine
> Discussant: MARGARET PAXSON (Kennan Institute, Washington, DC, US, Margaret.
VLAD NAUMESCU (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany,
¦ Religious Pluralism and the Imagined Orthodoxy of Western Ukraine
> Discussant: CATHERINE WANNER (Penn State U, US, cewlO@email
Session VII, 2-5 pm
Gender, the Media, and Public Engagement
LAADA BlLANIUK (U of Washington, US, bilaniuk@u.\
¦ Language in the Balance: The Politics of Non-Accommodation in Bilingual Ukrainian-Russian Television Shows
> Discussant: OLGA Zazulya (U L aval, Canada,
¦ Gender and the Struggle for Power: A Sociological Analysis of Women's Participation in Ukraine's Parliamentary Elections after the Orange Revolution
> Discussant: tanya richardson (Wilfrid Laurier U, Canada, tricha rdson@wlu.crt)
NATALYA RyABINSKA (Graduate School for Social Research, War saw, Poland,
¦ Media Framing and Civic Engagement in Public Life: The Case of the Ukrainian and Polish Press
> Discussant: NATALKA PATSIURKO (McGill U, Canada,
Second Annual Danyliw Research Seminar in Contemporary Ukrainian Studies
Chair of Ukrainian Studies University of Ottawa 12-14 October 2006
The Lounge, New Residence, 90 University Private
The Seminar is joining forces with the Kennan Institute Workshop on "Civil Society and Democracy in Ukraine." We wish to thank the Wolodymyr George Danyliw Foundation (Toronto) and the Kennan Institute (Washington, DC) to make this event possible.
Session 1,1-3 pm
Explaining Popular Mobilization during the Orange Revolution
Serhiy Kudelia (Johns Hopkins U, US,
¦ Mobilizing for Democratic Change: Elite and Society in Ukraine, 2000-2004
> Discussant: SPYRIDON KOTSOVILIS (McGill U, Canada,
lOULIA SHUKAN (Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, F rance,
¦ The Orange Revolution: Reflections on a Successful Strategy of Collective Action
> Discussant: WSEWOLOD ISAJIW (U of Toronto, Canada,
Session II, 3:30-6 pm
Oligarchy and Energy Politics in Ukraine
OlEH HaVRYLYSHYN (CREES, U of Toronto, Canada,
¦ The Political Economy of Oligarchie Regimes:
How Ukraine Compares to other Post-Communist States
¦ Fatal Attraction: Rents of Dependency, Energy Dependency and the Yushchenko Presidency
> Discussant: JULIET JOHNSON (McGill U, Canada, Special Presentation
¦ Energy Security and the Challenges of National Sovereignty in Ukraine
Opening Reception, 6-8 pm
Contact and Registration information Chair of Ukrainian Studies, 613 562 5800 ext. 3692
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Session III, 9-11 am
Ukraine Portrayed in Public Opinion Surveys
joanna KONIECZNA (Warsaw U, Poland,
¦ Middle Town Ukraine: A Life-History Approach to Ukraine's Neglected Hinterland
> Discussant: TIMOTHY COLTON (Harvard U, tcolton@fas.h
PETER OrDESHOOK (California Technological Institute, US, ordeshook@hss. and MaRLANNA KlOCHKO (Ohio State U, US, klochk0.l@osu.L4lu)
¦ A Spatial Analysis of Ukraine's 2006 Parliamentary Elections
> Discussant: DOMINIQUE AREL (Chair of Ukrainian Studies, U of Ottawa, da rel@uotta wa .ca )
Session IV, 11.30 am -1.15 pm
Society and the State in post-Orange Ukraine
marc BERENSON (Princeton U, US,
¦ Less Fear, Little Trust: Deciphering the Whys of Ukrainian Tax Compliance
> Discussant: ANDREA CHANDLER (Carleton U, Canada,
jessica AlLINA-PiSANO (U of Ottawa, Canada, jallinapisano@mail
¦ Klychkov i Pustota: Post-Soviet Bureaucrats and the Production of Institutional Facades
> Discussant: keith darden (Yale U, US,
Session V, 3-5:30 pm
The Origins of Orange Mass Mobilization
lucan way (U of Toronto, Canada,
¦ Identity and Autocracy: Belarus and Ukraine Compared
> Discussant: YANN BREAULT (UQAM, Canada,
Joshua Tucker (NYU, us,
¦ Orange in a Shade of Grey: Corruption and the Second Wave of Post-Communist Democratic Revolutions
> Discussant: PAUL D'AnIERI (U of Kansas, UTS,
tammy lynch (Boston U, US,
¦ In Their Own Words: On the Way to Orange-Ukraine's Revolutionary Social Movement Year 2002
> Discussant: ADRIAN karatnycky (Orange Circle, NY, US,

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Second Annual Danyliw Research Seminar program
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